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Make Your Cheap Umrah Journey through 7-continentstravel.co.uk


If you ever dream to perform the ritual of Islam, while visiting Kaaba then consult 7-continentstravel.co.uk first. Our aim is to provide economic worship that has all the desired accommodations. You can find the best hotels in Medina and the most advantageous prices in our company. Generally, we offer cheap Umrah tour, that entirely comes into your range.

We are at your disposal for all the services and fulfill your demands that you expect from us. Our services are limited to getting you toward Medina or Makkah. After landing, we provide VIP and comfortable accommodation until you arrive at the hotel. Get our VIP Umrah deal, if you want a luxury service.

Well, for the convenience of our customers, check-in and check-out times as well as transportation options are indicated on our service page. Pilgrimage tours also provide guidance services according to dates. You can complete your journey without being stuck to any ordinary conditions or any number of obstacles. We know your budget; as a result, we don’t let you down because all our deals are budget-oriented.

We offer tour guide and other services

7-continentstravel.co.uk is quite a unique and reliable travel agency because we can make your dream into existence. Don’t worry about things you forgot to take with you on your journey. In Makkah and Medina, you may find many markets, where it seems easy to buy any stocks.

Our travel set gift has everything you need, in which hand luggage, usable bag, and slippers. We set everything in our pre-plan Umrah package, so you don’t face any issue at the time of travel. Generally, we provide these products in our package:

  1. Ihram belt
  2. Tawaf prayer beads,
  3. prayer rugs,
  4. odorless liquid soap,
  5. Portable mat
  6. A small bag
  7. Umrah book

These products meet the general needs during your tour. You can find answers through the Umrah guide book, which you are wondering.

Get valuable and reliable service while choosing our Umrah deal:

We offer air-conditioned lounges that will protect you from the heat. With the advantage of uninterrupted internet access, you might feel unaware. On the other hand, you will not have any problems with electricity and shopping points. Gentlemen and ladies are intended to be more comfortable because of resting place.

Our company offers the service of Umrah as well as visiting other holy towns. We have years of experience in national and international travel. You can also contact us if you face any issues or you are not satisfied with our service.

We offer 24/7 customer service with uninterrupted contact information. If you feel extra curiosity before choosing us, then visit our official website, in order to get the details of our Cheap Umrah Packages. The live chat option on our page is suitable for one-on-one views. You can leave us your email address and contact information and we contact you in return.



Easter Umrah Packages 2020


Every year, millions of Muslims perform a highly recommended Sunnah. This Sunnah deed can perform throughout the year. There is no specific time for completing this sacred intention. No doubt, it is a dream of every Muslim to execute Umrah journey once in a lifetime. Therefore, with the help of Almighty Allah, we are providing cost-effective and better Umrah packages for Easter that make your journey blissful for the rest of life.  In this way, Muslims can ask forgiveness about their past sins and promise to remain committed to the right path. So the Muslims in the UK can spend their holidays in the shadow of holy Kabba as we arrange the best and advanced services for your holy trip.

Customized and affordable Umrah packages

Umrah is a great spiritual and holy journey that is obliged to those who are physically and financially able to undertake this journey. All over the year, we plan a better and cost-effective Umrah journey for the majority of UK citizens. We are giving the chance for all the Muslims who have diverse culture, languages, and casts to do their divine journey without any tension. For completing this religious responsibility, we are giving all the best services from departure to arrival in Saudi Arabia.  We offer reliable and friendly services that help to carry out an important holy obligation with peace of mind. We ensure to provide reliable and secure services at cost-effective prices that equipped with all the best facilities.

Find promising services and facilities for Umrah

We are a reliable and a famous travel group in the UK who are offering various packages with various facilities. We love to help families and groups throughout their holy journey and give them multiple benefits of our services at their disposal.  The customers can get visa services with the help of our agents who fulfill all the needs on your behalf. Our agents will provide great assistance throughout the visa process. Our customers will get cheap flights on certain and famous airlines. You can also pick direct or indirect flights of your favorite airline. Our customers will also get 3 to 5-star Umrah packages that depend on their budget and needs. The customers can also enjoy delicious and healthy Arabian food in the Holy Haram.

Find the best transportation for visiting holy places

In the Holy Haram, the Muslims can also enjoy their site trips of holy places in the Makkah and Madinah. We offer the best and reliable transport from airport to hotel and hotel to any Zyarat place. The transport is well-equipped and completely air-conditioned that help to enjoy your journey with comfort and ease. However, you can also request for an Umrah guide throughout the Umrah or Zyarat process for making your journey memorable. Our agents will provide a true guide and you can visit several sacred places in cost0effective packages.   Hence, you can contact us anytime and talk to our agents 24/7 in a day. We have a skilled and trained worker who provides the most affordable and reliable services at your disposal.

Author Bio:

7-continentstravel.co.uk offer the best Umrah and Hajj deals that entirely comes into your range. With the customized package, you can add or remove the accommodations, so the package must come into your range. The best advice is to book your Easter Umrah Packages 2020 in advance, so you don’t face any hassle.

Illustrated Guideline for the Pilgrim, While Considering 7-Continents Travel


To make your pilgrimage to Makkah, thus the journey requires preparation in order to perform the rites of Hajj properly and to reap all the benefits of this spiritual journey. It’s a dream of every person to fulfil the religious worship once in their life time. There are many books that are intended to explain how to achieve Hajj or Umrah obligation. With the advent of the internet and the proliferation of sites, pilgrims are faced with a lot of information and it is not always easy to find the right information.

At 7-Continents Travel, you are free to get all the desire information like how to prepare for pilgrimage journey and how the process of applying for Umrah and Hajj visa takes time. With our Cheap Umrah packages 2020, you will get all the desired accommodations.

7-Continents Travel Offer Reliable Collaborations for Pilgrim

For the awareness of customers, 7-Continents Travel has decided to publish some blogs on their webpage that can easily assimilate guideline for pilgrims. This collection compiles colorful illustrations, explained and annotated maps, detailed diagrams, and informed and contextualized advice.

We also provide a little illustrated guide to accompany the pilgrims throughout their spiritual journey with one objective that is to facilitate the stay of pilgrims in Makkah and Medina. With our Umrah deal, there is included transportation, hospitality, airline tickets, and food accommodations

You don’t need to worry because we have a team of assistance that will provide guideline 24/7. We book your journey and get the whole the information, after collaborating with you.

The Illustrated Guide of Umrah

We offer the best illustration guideline, in which explains the stages of the Umrah and details in a very practical way, so it to allow all the pilgrims to appropriate them and to be able to reproduce them during their pilgrimage to Makkah.s When you consider our customized Umrah deal, you are free for add and remove the accommodations that will come according to your demands.

Meanwhile, pilgrims can consult during their pilgrimage also contains the plans of the holy places that will allow them to find their bearings and to be fully aware of their movements and the places they visit. We also provide 3-star, 4-star, and 5-star Cheap Umrah packages 2020.

Indeed, the illustration guideline offers a perfect way to fulfill your religious obligation. What you will bring or what you have to do in Makkah and Medina is included in this guideline. If you want the perfect journey, you need to consider our 5-star Umrah packages 2020, but make it sure you book it in advance. Don’t hesitate to connect with us and book your religious tour that comes according to your expectations.



Before leaving on your favored voyage to city Makkah, there are several wellbeing endeavors every Muslim pioneer must consider. Since voyagers collect from each edge of the globe, there are possible results of irresistible sicknesses. Thusly, some pivotal security tips ought to be sought after to avoid any odd and unfortunate situation.

At various events, one may fall cleared out while being around various people or during performing functions. Warmth is another factor that one should not to disregard. For example, in the wake of accomplishing the plane terminal, you may need to hold on for expanded timeframes in the singing environment or even head out starting with one spot then onto the next in the glow during umrah. We don’t cover the route that there are potential results of wounds and prosperity related issues during Umrah visit. During such events, you can benefit by a couple of workplaces and drink a great deal of liquids.

 Wear your Identity card…

In case you have encountered your Hajj control or went to such classes, you almost certainly heard that one should ceaselessly wear their Identity Card, pass on movement information and an emergency number where relatives can be come to.

Keep away from being burglarized …

Pickpocketing is something different that is on the rising in Makkah during Umrah visits. Thusly, it is huge for voyagers to distinguish safety efforts as opposed to charging each other.

Back-up of critical Documents…

Before you leave for Umrah, keep a back-up of your chronicles; either email or store them in Google Drive for recuperation in case you lose them. Pilgrimage is stuffed so one needs to stay peaceful, cool and focused on the more noticeable work. Basically seek after the rules of the social occasion and stay close and alert.

Pass on compelled Cash …

As it is basic to get a Hajj visa to enter Saudi Arabia, it is also basic to appreciate what to pass on and the sum to pass on. Use a minor waist pack where you can keep your money, cell phone, xerox copies of the global ID, and other significant things. Keep your battery full; keep it supportive to be in contact with your relatives. During your Hajj/Umrah travel, we endorse you to pass on a little and negligible exertion mobile phone instead of the expensive ones. Make an effort not to pass on things in mass and take the necessary steps not to change over the whole of your cash to keep up a vital good ways from the peril of hardship during your visit.

Avoid the Sun…

Keep nearly nothing and light-tinted umbrellas supportive. Get satisfactory rest before your next activity. On your excursion to Saudi Arabia, endeavor to avoid any introduction to the sun with the objective that you don’t have to encounter the evil impacts of drying out, which can impact your religious activities.

7-continents travel is one of the authorized Hajj and Umrah travel agent based in UK, offers a range of Cheap Umrah Packages from UK.

Facilities Provided By The General Umrah Packages

When you think of general Umrah Package UK Deals, you may think of them as something less beneficial than the other packages. This is not like that and the packages contain everything that is needed by the pilgrims to have a secure and easy journey. In addition to it, the price is really affordable for all. This makes these packages amazing and your first choice. There are the facilities summed up for you so that you may know what you are going to get if you choose these packages and check them all out!

Lodging Services That You Find Nowhere

Lodging services are for providing you with the best place to stay during your sacred journey. We have ensured that the services that we are to provide our customers must be flawless and this is the reason why we have selected the best hotels for your accommodation. They have got all the luxurious facilities and the rooms contain comfortable beds with clean sheets and clothes to lie on. The rooms are quite ventilated and have the facility of an air-conditioner. Bathrooms are clean and comfortable to use and you are going to have an amazing period of rest after performing the rituals of the day.

Facilities Provided By The General Umrah Packages

Well-Equipped Accommodation

Accommodation is really well-equipped as you do not have to go into another room for using certain equipment. Electricity supply is continuous and you are able to do the tasks that have to be done in the presence of electricity. In order to spend time in the hot summer, rooms will remain cooler than the outer temperature. Rooms are fully furnished as well. They are meant for providing comfort to the pilgrims.

Air-Conditioned Transport Service

Transport service needs to be air-conditioned and the reason is obviously the scorching heat in which you have to travel. In addition to it, the crowd of people also makes the environment suffocating and disturbing. This is why we have chosen air-conditioned vehicles for you. You will have to travel from the airport to your hotel and during the time of ‘Ziyarat’ and they will make you reach the holy places safely and in the most convenient way.

Some Meals Are Also Included

As for being general packages, they are not inclusive of all the meals. They are the type of packages in which specified meals are provided within the price of the package. In order to get more than this, it will make you pay extra for it. Meals that are provided to you in these packages are healthy and safe to eat even for those who cannot tolerate a foreign environment. You have to check it out so that you are able to keep the money to pay on extra services.

Airline Tickets And Bookings

The best airlines are chosen for our valuable customers and you do not have to worry about the bookings as we are here to provide you with these services. Choosing a suitable airline and making bookings can be a hectic task as you have to do the other procedures. We ensure you to provide this service.

How To Enjoy The Beauty Of Nigeria

How To Enjoy The Beauty Of Nigeria.jpg

Nigeria is all about beauty and for this it deserves a visit. Rainforests and national parks give this area the massive beauty that the travelers are always in the search of. The scenic beauty of Nigeria is also due to the Savannah vegetation and the waterfalls that attract the attention of the visitors who come to that region for exploring natural beauty. Some of the vibrant cities of this country are likely to be your center of attention. There are some of the places where nightlife is also a fascination to watch and experience. Owing to all this and a lot more, you have to work on getting cheap flights to Nigeria as soon as possible.

Explore The Sites Famous For Art And Culture In Nigeria

Nike Art Gallery is a large art gallery with a big building to provide space to many people at one time and it has got a lot of stuff interesting for art-lovers. Nigerian National Museum has got the best historical exhibits and a great display of artifacts. Lekki Arts & Crafts Market is another amazing place for you to take a close look at the things that are important and interesting for lovers of arts and culture. Kalakuta Museum is all about the historical visit to the old times. Now you must be intrigued by this summary, so do not wait and get cheap flights to Nigeria.

National Parks Can Be Of A Lot Of Interest For Tourists Coming To Nigeria

Yankari National Park has the springs and diverse wildlife that can be very much intriguing for the tourists. Warm springs have got the fascination as it gives the swimmers a soothing sensation. Lekki Conservation Centre has got beautiful wildlife with amazing natural scenic beauty which welcomes everyone with a very unique ambiance and pleasure. Gashaka Gumti National Park was a game reserve and now has got the beautiful and large diversity of birds and animals. Wasting more time can make you repent as the season is suitable for traveling to this beautiful place and you are likely to get cheap flights to Nigeria.

Take A Close Look Of Religiously Important Buildings And The Way They Are Run

Having cheap flights to Nigeria in this season can be of a lot of advantage for you. This is because during and around the month of Ramadan and Christmas you are going to find a lot of spiritual activity in mosques and churches. Nigeria has got a lot of such religious spots and you are surely the one to travel to them.

Visit The Best Restaurants For All The Traditional And Exotic Food

If you visit Nigeria do not forget to visit and eat at Jevinik Restaurant- Victoria Island, BluCabana Restaurant & Café, Matisse Restaurant, Ocean Basket Victoria Island and a lot more that serves you the most scrumptious exotic and traditional meals. Cheap Flights To Nigeria can work in your favor if you are able to manage them and enjoy a great trip to this region!

Significant Things To Carry For Your Umrah Pilgrimage

Umrah Pilgrimage.jpg

Numerous Muslim travelers are willing to perform Umrah. It is an overwhelming undertaking to design, plan, and set out. Before everything else, you have to make a total agenda and get guidance on things to take on your voyage. All things considered, you wish to perform Umrah with most extreme solace. Keeping up a movement agenda is similarly significant as scanning for moderate Umrah deals 2019. Here is the recommended agenda and conference for your assistance:

*Garments and Shoes

*Washroom slippers

*Shoe Covers (1 Reusable and A Few Disposables)


*Cotton Clothing


*Tin pack food

*Reusable Collapsible Water Bottle

* Tablets And Vitamins

*Vitality Bars And Chews

*Nuts and Dates

General Stuff

*A Few Plastic Bags

*Stringed Shoe Bags

*Entryway Hanger

*Neck Pouch (Money Bag)

*Little Towel

*Hiking bed With Small Blanket

*Zipper Seal Bags




*Mobile Phone


*Additional Cord

*Power Adapter

*Small scale Electric Fan

Hygiene products

*Unscented Soap

*Unscented Deodorant

*Unscented Oil or Lotion


*Unscented Hand Sanitizer

*Unscented Face Wipes

*Unscented Sunscreen

*Tissue Paper

Profound Items

*Holy Quran

*Dua Books

*Salah Mat

*Note pad + Pen


*General Drug Kit

*Small First Aid Pack

*Anti-infection agents

*Hack Supplies


Anybody visiting Makkah from a nation other than the UK, different inoculations are additionally required. In the event that any traveler is originating from a nation falling under the classification of Yellow Fever recorded by WHO, the pioneer needs to convey a yellow fever declaration with him. On the off chance that you are visiting from a spot with high force of Poliovirus, you will require a Polio antibody. This goes for everybody, regardless of whether you are contaminated or not.

As trained by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, you would require a few immunizations before starting the sacred jourey. In the event that you are going from the UK, you will require immunization against Meningococcal Meningitis. Travelers over the age of two, leaving on the Umrah journey, are required to create an authentication of inoculation generally their visas won’t be issued.

Keep your provisions together, print out the Umrah documents, and ensure you have everything as indicated by your rundown. Plan how much garments you have to convey. Expectation you don’t come up short on garments and in the meantime don’t pack everything and over-burden yourself. Ladies ensure that you have five (5) outfits and men ought to guarantee that they have their Ihram and a reinforcement Ihram too. Ensure you hand-wash your garments just to abstain from heaping up your clothing.

Pack your garments in sets inside huge zipper sacks. Ensure your garments are washed and pressed. Ensure you don’t miss anything. To get comprehensive Umrah gives, you would now be able to book non-stop flights and Cheap Umrah Deals 2019 and benefit incomparable quality and honorable administrations for your Umrah visit.