Restoration of Historical Mosques in Saudi

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Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed Salman has requested the reclamation of 130 verifiable mosques inside the National Program for the Restoration of Historic Mosques managed by the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage (SCTNH) and the organization with the Ministry of Islamic Affairs.

The help he gave to create chronicled mosques shrouded in the principal stage the rebuilding of 30 mosques in 10 areas, at an expense of more than SR50 million.

The National Program for the Restoration of Historic Mosques is one of the projects received by Prince Sultan Salman, leader of SCTH and author of Al-Turath Charitable Foundation, as a major aspect of his worry to deal with and serve mosques and the Islamic design legacy. The establishment has embraced to reestablish and various mosques of authentic incentive since its starting of the program in 1998.

The program has gotten the help of the nation’s pioneers, businesspeople sponsors and the districts’ governors. Ruler Salman supported the starting of the program to revamp and reestablish verifiable mosques in Jeddah and Ad Diriyah and gave the remodel expenses of Al-Hanafi mosque in Jeddah.

Crown Prince Mohammed Salman’s help for the authentic mosques originates from his confidence in their significance in the Islamic religion and structural legacy alongside the chronicled, social lavishness they speak to.

The crown ruler’s help is considered the most liberal in the Kingdom’s history, given the number of mosques and the general expense since the starting of the program 20 years back. The help is in organization and coordination with SCTNH’s National Program for the Restoration of Historical Mosques, which was propelled by the Al-Turath Charitable Foundation before it turned into a joint program with the Ministry of Islamic Affairs and the SCTH three years back.

The crown sovereign’s venture for the improvement of chronicled mosques will fortify worry to build up the Kingdom’s recorded and legacy districts and reestablish the mosques to get admirers again after they have been relinquished in earlier years. The Kingdom has seen a fast engineering development and in this way has ignored the greater part of the old and chronicled mosques and annihilated some others, which are being supplanted by new mosques. The program will deal with these disregarded mosques.

Workgroups have begun defining the task activity plan under the headings of the crown sovereign. The primary stage covers 30 mosques that will be reestablished: Each mosque will be prepared to get in excess of 4,000 worshippers and admirers. The crown sovereign’s help for this program is among numerous different commitments to societal and human ventures, including the SR100 million gift for altruistic affiliations and his help for the arrival of detainees with SR19 million.

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Importance Of Namaz


Namaz or Salaat is the pillar of religion Islam and an obligatory act of worship which is performed by all Muslims. Namaz is included in the basic pillars of Islam. All Muslims are advised to offer five times Namaz everyday. Following are the prayers which every Muslim performs during a whole day:
* Fajr
* Zohar
* Asr
* Maghrib
* Isha

Without Performing Namaz or skipping any namaz intentionally or unintentionally, it is not possible for a Muslim to complete belief in Islam and every person on the Day of Judgment will be accountable for the namaz; the initial question on the Day of Resurrection will be asked about Salah. Now you can imagine that how essential and important offering the Salah in religion Islam is. There are so many verses of Holy Quran which instructs about performing the namaz. Instead of obligatory namaz, Muslims are advised to perform nafil or voluntary namaz.

Islam is the only true religion that exists in this world and it is one religion for all. Clearly, Islam it is a universal religion and thus equally beneficial for all humans not just Muslims. Every single act which is suggested in religion Islam is beneficial and advantageous for all human beings not merely for Muslims. Same concern goes with namaz, it is spiritually and physically beneficial for every human who performs it.

Namaz is the best exercise for spiritual, physical and mental health. It saves a person from all evils and negativities; it also saves a person from all other psychological, economical and social issues that can make horrible affect on us. Namaz is the most important act of worship which is performed on daily basis five times and also it excellent for getting better social or psychological health.

Namaz is the excellent source of getting rid of mental stress and tensions. Namaz provides a person mental stability, patience and relief and we then will become able to face the difficulties and hurdles of life with more bravery, namaz helps in creating great stamina in us. Salah or namaz helps us to become mentally relaxed and comfortable. The steps of Salah (prayers) help in getting physical and mental comfort and we live life with more peaceful.

Namaz is suggested to perform on daily basis in order to get rid of tensions because namaz has several positive effects on human health. Namaz must be performed in clean and silent environment, because worldly issues can distract your concentration. Namaz must be performed with full concentration and should not show laziness in performing namaz. Namaz is a key to success in this world and also in the world hereafter, so it is advised to all Muslims to perform all five times namaz. is reliable tour operator, that providing cheapest and affordable Hajj and Umrah Packages from UK, its Cheapest Easter Umrah Packages 2018 included flight tickets, hotel and full loop A/C transport.